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XFace Apk Download - Camera Selfie, Beauty Makeup, Photo Editor

 XFace Apk Download

XFace Apk Download

XFace Apk Download for Android - XFace
is best beauty camera app. If you want to download XFace Beauty Camera then you are in the right place. It's easy to download to your mobile phone.The size of this app is 72M. I assure you in this post you will find all the information about XFace Apk Download - Camera Selfie, Beauty Makeup, Photo Editor.

Best Featurs XFace Beauty Camera

  • Whiten your teeth and skin, restructure your cheeks, chin, eyes, forehead, mouth, and nose, and use a camera filter.
  • Skin refinement, ruddy, brilliant eyes, face reshaping, maximum aura, delicious selfie, lovely camera
  • Save time by not altering each effect when editing amazing photos taken with a high-definition camera.
  • Auto-beautify: spots and acne are eradicated, and the skin is smoothed and brightened. Makeup for selfies, beauty plus camera, and makeup camera
  • 100+ Natural real-time beauty and cosmetics filters, photo editor image beauty, camera greatest app

Adjust Makeup:

  • Make up your eyes, correct your lips, and adjust your huge eyes.
  • Use the krishna photo editor to take selfies with the various makeup styles available.
  • Play around with your lipstick, blush, brows, mascara style, and favourite eyeliner.
  • You can alter the colour of your hair, lenses, and eyes.
  • Beauty filter removes blemishes, whitens skin in photos, and smoothes the face in the most natural way.
  • Incorporate natural-looking accessories such as glasses, hats, and earrings. Photo filter, makeup filter, and makeup editor
XFace Apk Download


  • Blemishes are removed, photographs are whitened, and the face is smoothed. pluses of beauty
  • Slimming, nose elevation to enhance frontal angle and inclination angle, camera filter and effect
  • Easily adjust photo improvements to your preferences, as well as camera beauty
  • Use the face app to make up your eyes, straighten your lips, and adjust your large eyes.
  • Face slimming and reshaping
  • Don't forget about the hairline and the face's beauty.
  • Contouring and highlighting also whiten your teeth and affect the colour of your hair.

XFace Apk Download for Android - You can have a gorgeous shot with your favourite filters in just a few simple steps. Taking a gorgeous selfie to share with friends is now simple and convenient.

Download XFace for Free Now! 

 XFace Apk Download

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