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MV Master App Download - Video Status Maker With Photos and Songs

MV Master App Download 

MV Master App Download

MV Master App Download - MV Master is the best video and photo editor app. If you want to download MV Master then you are in the right place. It's easy to download to your mobile phone. The size of this app is 22M. I assure you in this post you will find all the information about MV Master App Download - Video Status Maker With Photos and Songs.

About the MV Master App:

MV Master - Video Status Maker is a free multimedia program with limited editing features. It includes an easy-to-use UI that allows you to swiftly come and go for rapid edits. You can use this for video projects that need to be processed quickly for your Instagram story, TikTok, and other platforms.

It is simple to use MV Master. You can record and apply filters in real-time, or you can choose videos/pictures from our collection and modify them later. Its operation is thus quite intuitive since its main menu distributes the themes and styles, as well as the matching templates and filters, which we can apply with a single click.

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You don't want to utilize a pre-made theme? Not an issue. The app includes a bevy of functions. You may use the app's built-in music library to add music and create a lyrics video. You can include graphics to create more "romantic" effects. Your video can have up to 1,000 free effects applied to it. The effects are all quite straightforward to find inside the app's library, so you should have no trouble finding something you enjoy.


  1. Choose from 30 great video template images!
  2. Magical, anniversary, birthday, poetic, and festival video specials!
  3. Upload your own photos!
  4. Preview and export your videos!
  5. Icons that are simple to save and share!
  6. Put your own music in the background.
MV Master App Download

How should it be used?

  • Look through the images and choose your favorite!
  • Choose your favorite photos!
  • EXPORT should be selected.
  • You're finished!


  • It is completely free to use and download.
  • The application is simple to install and use.
  • The editing features are extremely user-friendly and simple to grasp.
  • It includes a plethora of pre-set filters.


  • There won't be enough alternatives for sophisticated users.
  • You are unable to build your own effects.
  • Advertisements are included.

MV Master App Download 

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