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Pratilipi App Download - Free Stories, Audio stories and Books - Pratilipi

 Pratilipi App Download

Pratilipi App Download

Pratilipi App Download If you want to download the Pratilipi App then you are in the right place. The size of this app is 16M. I assure you in this post you will find all the information about Pratilipi App Download - Free Stories, Audio stories and Books - Pratilipi.

Text files, Pratilipi. Participate.
  • Pratilipi is the largest digital platform in India, uniting readers and writers in 12 Indian languages.
  • Freely read around 25 lakh tales, books, poems, articles, periodicals, novels, essays, and other works by over 250,000 writers.
  • Freely connect to a world of over 3.3 million readers and 2.5 million writers.
  • Get it today and start reading or writing creative stories in your own language.

Anywhere you want to read. At any time.

The Pratilipi app puts millions of stories, novels, poems, and audiobooks in English and a number of Indian languages at your fingertips, whether you're on your way to work, on your break, or in your bed. Pratilipi's literature is a beautiful mixture of the old and the new. You are inspired to write by old and wise writers, whilst fresh writers make you feel youthful and restless.
Compose something. 

Tell us about your experience. Reach out to millions of readers.

Do you have a story to tell? Self-publish on Pratilipi and become a part of the world's largest writer community. Create new draughts, upload images, and publish directly from the app. Pratilipi offers a hassle-free and advanced writer panel to make the act of writing a little less frightening and a lot more comforting.

When you connect, you are never alone.

It is said that raising a child takes a village. We say at Pratilipi that it takes a village to raise a writer. Every one of us has a story to tell. Pratilipi's dialogue-inspiring community connects writers and readers on a single platform.

Yes, it's all free!

Make a book from of the stories you've read. Download the stories to your Android phones and read them wherever and at any time, without having to carry books or pay a single paisa... Yes, it's all free!


1. Read on the go - whenever and wherever you choose.
2. Download and read offline 
3. Add a story to your want list to ensure you don't miss out on anything
4. Tell a tale to your peers - create a sense of community
5. Continue reading where you left off - a unified experience
6. Receive personalized recommendations for books to read on a daily basis.
7. After reading a tale, rate and review it to help the community.
8. Author biographies – read more of your favorite authors' work.
9. Publish your own article and gain exposure in a community of 23 million readers.
10. Read and write in 12 different languages - immerse yourself in the best content like never before.

Currently, Pratilipi stories are accessible in the following languages:

  • Urdu story 
  • Hindi story 
  • Tamil story 
  • Marathi story 
  • Gujarati story 
  • Kannada story 
  • Telugu story 
  • Bengali story 
  • Malayalam story
  • English story
  • Punjabi story 
  • Odia story 


  • Brief narratives
  • Romance story
  • A love story
  • Story of science fiction
  • Story of action and adventure
  • Travel narrative
  • The Ghost Story
  • Story of a mystery
  • The Story of Women, Health, and Children
  • suspense/thriller tale
  • Inspirational story
  • Social Experience
  • The best story
  • Children's Story
  • Well-known story
  • Classic literature
  • Comic books
  • Audio narrative

How to Use Pratilipi 

  • Download the free Pratilipi app 
  • Read popular genres 
  • Self-publish on Pratilipi and join the largest community of writers by saving your favorites in your own library.
  • Self-publish on Pratilipi and become a part of the world's largest writer community. • This is absolutely free; no financial information is necessary.
Join Pratilipi and help us make the world a better place one book at a time.

 Pratilipi App Download

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