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Otter Voice Notes App Download - Otter Voice Meeting Notes (for English)

 Otter Voice Notes App

Otter Voice Notes App

Otter Voice Notes App Download – Otter Voice is the best app. If you want to download the Otter Voice Notes App then you are in the right place. I assure in this post you will find all the information about Otter Voice Notes App Download - Otter Voice Meeting Notes (for English).

Otter is wherever conversations live. It records and takes meeting notes for you in real time, therefore you'll be able to keep targeted on the voice communication and rest assured that data, actions, attendees ar captured, simply searchable, and shareable together with your team. conjointly accessible on-line at 600 minutes free monthly. English solely.

Supercharge your note taking with AI and use Otter for all of your conferences, interviews, lectures, and everyday voice discussion.

Many Uses of Otter

  • Take meeting notes mechanically
  • Share meeting minutes and outline with teammates to stay everybody in adjust
  • Invite a co-worker to edit and highlight meeting notes
  • Data and transcribe interviews, lectures, podcasts, videos, webinars, keynotes
  • give live captioning to deaf, hearing-impaired, ESL people, and anyone with accessibility who wants

Record & Transcribe Live

  • Record instantly in one faucet, with gismo and route too
  • Transcribe in real time (when online) with high accuracy
  • Highlight the key points to review later
  • Insert photos of whiteboard discussions, slides, etc.
  • Scroll back to grab a quote or come back a degree
  • Input audio via integral mic or Bluetooth device

Enrich Notes with AI

  • Punctuate, capitalize, and break paragraphs mechanically
  • determine speakers (after some training)
  • Generate word clouds and outline keywords; faucet on a word to leap to wherever it had been aforementioned

Share & Collaborate

  • begin a recording within a bunch to share the transcript live
  • Invite cluster members to look at, edit, and highlight collaboratively
  • Share outwardly via links
  • embody a link in your tweet to introduce associate degree interactive transcript

Search & Playback

  • Search the text therefore you do not need to scrub through the entire audio
  • Playback at adjustable speeds
  • Follow on the highlighted word because the audio is taking part in
  • faucet on any word to skip the audio thereto spot

Edit & Highlight

  • Edit the text to correct any errors
  • Tag the speakers to label the paragraphs and train Otter to spot speakers too
  • Highlight sentences in one faucet

Organize & Export

  • Organize your conversations into personal folders
  • Copy to writing board, or share directly into different apps
  • Export text as PDF, TXT, or SRT
  • Export audio as MP3

Import & adjust

  • Import audio (aac, m4a, mp3, wav, wma) and video (avi, mov, mp4, mpg, wmv)
  • adjust together with your Zoom (Pro or higher) account to transcribe cloud recordings
  • transfer from decision Recorder - ACR or different decision recording apps
  • adjust together with your calendars to induce reminders to record your conferences and auto-title your notes
  • Import your contacts to form it easier to share
  • keep a copy your knowledge to Otter’s cloud mechanically and access firmly from any device

Otter Pro

  • Get 6,000 minutes of transcription per month
  • Bulk export
  • additional playback speeds and skip silence

Otter Business

  • engineered for groups and organizations
  • Capture, organize, and share valuable data collaboratively
  • Manage accounts and asking centrally
  • Learn additional at

Top Honors

★ "Best Daily Helpers of 2018" – Google Play
★ "7 Best Apps of 2018" – Mashable
★ "25 Best New Apps of 2018" – quick Company
★ “40 Best Free automaton Apps” – Tom’s Guide
★ "100 Best automaton Apps for 2019" – PCMag


  • automaton five.0 & up
  • net affiliation
  • you wish to form an associate degree account to fancy Otter. See our Terms of Service:

 Otter Voice Notes App Download

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