Friday, 1 January 2021

Quran And Prayers App Download - Quran And Prayers

 Quran And Prayers

Quran And Prayers

Quran And Prayers App Download - Quran And Prayers – If you want to download this app then you are at the right place.

You can make a hatim with the voice Quran listening feature.

With the recitation of İshak Danış, you'll hear the Quran as a verse-verse, sura-surah, or partially.

With the Quran Index, you'll look for every word you would like to look and find the relevant verses and access their translations.

You can find detailed information about the history of the Quran, the definition, names and attributes of the Quran, its meaning and interpretation with the introduction section.


  • The Quran; Reading Surah, Juz, Verse and Hatim.
  • The index of the Holy Quran consistent with its subjects.
  • Sure, Juz and Verse Search
  • The ability to sort the surahs alphabetically, consistent with their order within the Quran and descending order

 Quran And Prayers App Download

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