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Smart Note Pro APK Free Download - Take Notes, Drawing Notes 2021

 Smart Note Pro APK

Smart Note Pro APK

Smart Note Pro APK Free Download – Smart Note is a succinct and efficient notepad that allows you to capture and organize your ideas. If you want to download the Note App then you are in the right place. The size of this app is 7MB. I assure in this post you will find all the information about Smart Note Pro APK Free Download - Take Notes, Drawing Notes 2021.

Noteshelf, experience penmanship that feels perfectly. It is as smooth and liquid as composing with a pen on a scratch pad. Look over a variety of pens and highlighters in various sizes. Play around with shadings, shapes, and pictures to make noticed that are your own. Along these lines, taking your best class notes or meeting reminders is currently bright and fun as well! Noteshelf presents to you the comfort of composing as well. You can browse numerous styles and organizing alternatives. 

Evernote encourages you center around what is important most and approach your data when you need it. Information composed notes or sweep manually written notes. Add to-do's, photographs, pictures, website pages... furthermore, it's all immediately accessible. Make note pads, coordinators, organizers. Coordinate notes any way you need and offer it with anybody. Also, Evernote adjusts your notes and note pads over your gadgets so your data is consistently with you, wherever you go. 

Straightforward Notepad is a scratch pad application that gives you a quick and simple to-utilize note of the experience. In addition to the fact that it is brisk and simple to utilize, yet it likewise accompanies a few highlights: agenda, gadget, alert, secret phrase insurance, search, photograph connection, offer, and then some. 

Brilliant Note is a straightforward and effective scratch pad that encourages you to get and coordinate your thoughts. With Smart Note, you can follow your timetables and notes. It gives you a quick and simple notebook altering experience while taking notes or making a rundown. It makes it simpler to observe than some other notebook. 


Take Notes 

  • Smart Note suppliers various approaches to take notes and catch your contemplations. 
  • Write notes, Start with a book, add photographs agendas, and documents, all in a similar content note. 
  • Add voices to your notes 
  • Create agendas to complete stuff the devoted agenda notes. 
  • Write, sketch or draw notes with an assortment of pens, paper formats, and illustrations, including calligraphy pens and unique inks from a huge shading palette 
  • Scan records and add to notes. 

Organize Notes 

  • Keep yourself and your work coordinated. 
  • Create class stacks by gathering notes. 
  • Search note in your all notes by catchphrases. 
  • Add an update for note, don't let you miss anything significant. 

Backup Data 

  • You can without much of a stretch reinforcement your notes to Google Drive to evade information misfortune. It's additionally simple to recuperate from Google Drive. 

Adding text 

  • Tap the console symbol at the highest point of the screen to enter text utilizing the console. 
  • Use the Rich content toolbar to alter the style of the content. 

Adding penmanship 

  • Tap the Handwriting symbol on the highest point of the screen to add penmanship. 
  • Handwritten content can be perceived. You can likewise utilize penmanship to look for watchwords in notes. 

Password Protection 

  • Create a secret key, at that point tap the note you need to bolt. 
  • Tap the More choices button while seeing a note, at that point select Lock. 
  • Set your secret word and turn on the security lock to all the more likely ensure your information! Keep others from looking at your protection 

Home Screen Widget 

  • It's simpler to see your notes. You can add a gadget to your home screen and survey your notes. 
  • To put the gadget on your home screen, go to your home screen, tap and hold the free space, and select the gadget alternative. 


  • Choose the shading you like as the subject of the application to make it more pleasant. 
  • Control fix and re-try activities with the fix/re-try bar. 

Share Your Notes 

  • The scratchpad gives various approaches to share your thoughts.
  • Share your notes through email and other supporting applications. 
  • Export notes as PDF and offer it with others. 

How to utilize it? 

  • Choose a unique foundation or utilize your own photographs. 
  • Select a pencil, pick the shading and draw your notes. 
  • Select and move, zoom, turn, stretch any article utilizing your fingers. 
  • Use content tool to write in various textual styles and shadings. 
  • Add stickers to your notes and adorn your messages. 

Much obliged and Enjoy... 

 Smart Note Pro APK Download

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