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Satellite Finder App - Satellite Finder

Satellite Finder App

Satellite Finder App

Satellite Finder App - Satellite Finder – If you want to download Satellite Finder App? then you are at the right place.

Satellite Finder App

Satellite Finder App - Satellite Finder Pro APK (Dishpointer)
Help you to line up dish anywhere.
Aids arrangement of satellite dish recieving wires utilizing dilated reality.
Give you LNB tilt for your space (in light-weight of GPS).
Perform assignments as satellite chief.
This satfinder has to boot worked in compass which can assist you with finding acceptable satellite angle.
This satfinder utilizes enlarged reality to demonstrate true of satellites on camera see.
Processes all qualities vital to regulate dish radio wire.
This Dish Pointer encourages you purpose your dish with a minimum of issue.
A instrument known as compass is used to exactly explore for the bearing of geographic.
This dishpointer application encourages you to regulate your satellite dish addicted to your space and also the selected satellite.
This satellite discoverer application indicates you bearing within which you're going modify your satellite dish.

In view of your area the accompanying satellites are accessible:

Al Yah 1
Amazonas 1
Amazonas 2
AMC 10
AMC 21
Americas thirteen
Eutelsat 9B and KA-Sat
Badr 4/5/6/7
Eutelsat 36B and categorical
Paksat 1R
Express AM seven
Turksat 3A/4A
Afghansat one
Al Yah 1
Express AM6
Anik F1
Anik F1R
Apstar 6
Arabsat 2B
Arabsat 5C
Arsat 1
Astra 19,2E
Astra 1D
Astra 2A
Amos 4
Intelsat seventeen
Intelsat twenty
Eutelsat 70B
Astra 5B
Astra H
Astra M
AzerSpace one
Belintersat one
Brasilsat B4
Chinasat ten
Chinasat 6B
Ciel 2
DirectTV 5
DirectTV 7S
Measat three and Sundirect
Insat 3A/4B and Gsat 15/Sundirect
NSS6/Dish Tv Bharat
Asiasat 5/Dish Tv Bharat Hd
Dish 500
Echostar 1
Es'hail 1
Estrela do Sul2
Eutelsat 10A
Eutelsat 113 West A
Eutelsat Hot Bird
Yamal 402
NSS 12
Intelsat 33E
Intelsat 906
Eutelsat 21B
Eutelsat thirty six WestA
Eutelsat 36B
Eutelsat 3B
Eutelsat five West A
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13D
Express AM44
G-SAT 10
World 14
Apster 7
Thaicom 5
Insat 4A and Gsat ten
ST2 and Videocon Dth
Yamal 401
World 28
World 3C
Hellas Sat three
Skylines 2
Hot Bird 13B/C/E
Insat 4A
Intelsat 10-02
Intelsat twenty
Intelsat twenty two
Asiasat 7
SES 7/Airtel
Palapa D
Intelsat 29e
Intelsat 33e
Ka-Sat 9A
KazSat 2
Koreasat 7
LaoSat 1
Measat 3
N-Sat 110
NigComSat 1R
Nimiq 6
NSS 6Papala D
QuetzSat 1
Rascom QAF 1R
SES 14
Sirius 4
Sirius XM three Radio
Sirius XM four Radio
Sky South American country one
Spaceway 2
ST 2
Star One C-1
STKSat 1
Superbird C2
Telestar 11N
Telstar 12/12V
Thaicom 8
Thor 3
Thor 5
Thor 7
Túpac Katari one
Vinasat 1
Yamal 401
Yamal 402

Extra FEATURES? Three additional valuable highlights:

Live Earth Map:

This Live Earth Map has the four perspective on earth like traditional read, Hybrid read, Satellite read and piece of ground read to

give you a superior comprehension of the spots. It to boot showed the traffic stream


You will get a standout amongst the most effective dilated reality innovation up till this time. Indicate your telephone's camera take a goose in the least accessible satellites for your space more and more. merely faucet (AR Display) catch of home window.

Biss Key Finder:

This component is for fast explore for biss keys of encoded satellite stations. The keys get refreshes naturally.
Step by step instructions to utilize this application:
All you wish to try to to to make sure that the net association and GPS in your phonephone is turned on.

In the event that you simply ought to get best exactness in space – you need to be outside, or if nothing else approach a window;

Select the perfect Satellite by sound on Satellite Finder Button, at that time Satellite Name and snap on Search bar toward the tip. A summary of sattelite

will appear to decide on your ideal one. you may get angle of your selected Satelite with latitute and meridian determined for your space.

Under determined qualities there's a compass with graphical portrayal of angle purpose. The angle purpose is set with enticing tendency.

Keep in mind – each time you use gyrocompass – you ought to adjust it.


This satfinder application utilizes your phonephone detector to urge your angle thus satellite position count depends upon the exactitude of your versatile sensors.

Satellite Finder App

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