Monday, 21 September 2020

My Zong App Download - My Zong APK

My Zong App Download

My Zong App Download - My Zong APK – If you want to download My Zong App? then you are at the right place.

My Zong App Download

My Zong App Download -  My Zong App may be a One-Stop Destination for Managing your Zong Account, Checking remaining free resources, Activate/Deactivate bundles or Packages, Check net History Details, Recharge Your Account, Get Recommendations for net Bundles, diversion .

Now you can login up to 5 numbers simultaneously with simple steps.

  • With My Zong App, Prepaid, postpaid, MBB SIM customers will avail following options in three languages: English, Urdu and in Chinese.

  • Manage Your Zong Account

  • View possession Details of SIM

  • Postpaid Customers will currently check careful Ebill of last three months.

  • Check Current Balance & Its expiration Date

  • Active Package arrange & Promotions data for each paid and postpaid

  • Manage your MBB device & activate MBB bundles directly from MY ZONG APP

  • Activate net SIMs bundle

  • View net Usage

  • View decision & SMS temporary history details.

  • Data Manager for Recommendation of knowledge

  • Bundles supported Usage

  • Activate or Deactivate Zong Promotions/Packages/VAS

  • Recharge Your Account through scratch card or Recharge on-line

  • Become Zong User

  • Entertainment

  • Videos

  • Games & Apps

  • Find Us

  • Reconnection campaign Check

  • Book 4G Devices

  • Zong CSC & Franchise Addresses Map

  • Zong Helpline Details

  • PayMax agents search
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About this App:

The updated app offers everything customers need to manage their Zong accounts inside the palm of their hands. Customers will manage multiple Zong numbers, check their balance, recharge, and avail advance loan directly through My Zong App.
Available for transfer on each iOS and humanoid, ‘My Zong App’ allows customers to look at their usage details, order MBB devices, and Zong 4G’s Handsets fleetly through their smartphones. additionally to the present, for the convenience of the Mobile Broadband subscribers, kid and Master Numbers may be simply retrieved through the app.
The updated ‘My Zong App’ additionally introduces a brand new easy feature of a convenient appliance. It are often attack the home-screens for humanoid users and provides period updates concerning information, voice and SMS usage; giving complete transparency of accessible resources.
Bringing higher worth and knowledge for patrons, users will currently share their feedback through the client Survey possibility. This feature ensures easy communication for the shoppers by providing period feedback.

Zong 4G with its outstanding client services aims to uplift its customer’s expertise to newer heights. Through its advanced digital solutions, Pakistan’s No.1 information Network is innovating to supply wanted thereforelutions to its customers and guarantees to continue doing so within the future.

My Zong App Download

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